The Different Types of Cannabis Seeds Available Today 1

The Different Types of Cannabis Seeds Available Today


With the cannabis industry expanding rapidly worldwide, more people than ever are showing interest in growing their own cannabis. But with so many types of seeds available for purchase, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. This article will go over the available options, and help you determine which seeds may work best for your growing experience.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are considered the most natural type of cannabis seed, as they have not been genetically modified in any way. These seeds will produce both male and female plants, which makes them the perfect choice for traditional growers who want to cultivate and breed their plants. However, for those who only want female plants for their buds, this may not be the best option since you will need to separate the male plants from the female in order to avoid pollination. Regular seeds have a relatively low rate of germination, and it may take few tries until you succeed in growing a healthy crop.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are genetically altered and are bred to produce only female plants, which are the most in-demand for their high THC levels and potency. These seeds go through a process referred to as “embryo manipulation,” which forces the plant to develop female reproductive organs exclusively. As a result, growers can every time guarantee a crop of female plants. Feminized seeds can be grown indoor or outdoor with a high germination rate and are simple to cultivate even for novice growers.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a genetic combination of Indica and Ruderalis strains, and they have a unique growing process compared to other types. For starters, autoflowering plants will typically skip or bypass the vegetative stage – meaning the plant matures more quickly from seed to harvest. They also do not rely on specific light cycles in order to bloom, unlike other cannabis strains, which means you can grow them under any lighting situation without concerns. Being a hardy plant, it can grow healthily in less than to ideal conditions, making it the optimal option for beginner-level growers. One thing to keep in mind though is that due to their shorter growing period, these strains typically have smaller yields.

CBD Seeds

CBD seeds are bred to produce plants with high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and low levels of THC, providing individuals relief from a wide range of ailments without experiencing any psychoactive effects. CBD doesn’t offer the “high” traditional cannabis strains provide but has shown promising results to alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even depression. The plants grown from CBD seeds have a broad scope of medicinal applications ranging from anxiety relief to pain management to reducing seizures, especially in children with severe epilepsy. The ideal choice for medicinal cannabis growers looking for relief without psychoactive effects.


With so many types of cannabis seeds to choose from, it is essential to research and pick the best fit for your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to cultivate cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, the different types of cannabis seeds provide a considerable amount of choice, and with the right selection and conditions, you can grow healthy plants with high yields. Learn even more about Buy Feminized Cannabis seeds Https:// in this external resource.

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